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Anarchapulco 2019: Massive Momentum in Paradise

Making a SPLASH at the world's premiere conference for Voluntaryist thinkers and activists 🌴

Anarchapulco 2019 was out of this world! We are excited to share the highlights we experienced participating in the world's premiere conference for Voluntaryist thinkers and activists. We met hundreds of stewards from across the world who are interested in co-creating a voluntary and natural world!

It was a thrilling experience to have so many creative people in one location at the same time.

You could feel the good juju all around!

We experienced a great turn out for our presentation on the Advocacy Stage by our Executive Director, Rebecca Powers.

Check out the entire presentation, here:

Jose Merced, town elder, closed out the conference with a compelling speech about the successes experienced in Cherán, Mexico. In 2011, Cherán demonstrated an immense amount of courage when they overthrew the municipal government and police force that was protecting cartel groups illegally logging their sacred forest. They now utilize a consensus based form of community organization and have led impressive reforestation efforts.

We also hosted a workshop with Cherán community members, which was very enlightening for attendees who were interested in how their community structure functions.

We brought in our friend Juan Galt who presented on the in's and out's of cryptocurrency + the benefits this may present to Cherán community members.

The workshop we hosted was $25/person and we were pleased to send a majority of the proceeds to the community committee once it was all said and done! They were grateful for our collaboration and we are working together to form a long term partnership.

We were impressed with the speakers and attendees we met throughout the conference.

One project that really blew us away is NuMundo, a decentralized network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers. CEO David Casey gave a compelling presentation about their underlying mission, ethos, and offerings. Want to book a stay at an ecovillage, but don't know where to start? Head over to NuMundo's website for LOADS of listings and additional information about their innovative company.

We snagged an interview with Joe Quirk to discuss the FIRST EVER seastead in Thailand which just started in early February! He leads the Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit think-tank promoting the creation of floating ocean cities as a revolutionary solution to some of the world’s most pressing problems: rising sea levels, overpopulation, poor governance, and more. He gave an awesome presentation about seasteading on the main stage!

Activist Derrick Broze, of the Conscious Resistance Network, gave a compelling speech about Holistic Anarchy, and provided a visual of each chakra level throughout his speech and how it relates to the concepts of his presentation. It was very artistic and profound! We grabbed a copy of his book, the Holistic Self Assessment, and suggest you snag a copy for yourself!

There was an hour long open discussion about intentional communities, led by David Rodriguez, which had at least 25-30 people in attendance. At this gathering, I crossed paths with a man named Jay Yogi who has MULTIPLE vegan inspired ecovillages set up throughout Ecuador and Costa Rica. Visit the Fruithaven website to learn more!

We were really happy to participate in this discussion and took away a tremendous sense of urgency regarding the demand to live in alignment with nature, alongside community. We are more inspired than ever to help people navigate how to jump into this alternative lifestyle!

The list of amazing presenters at Anarchapulco goes on and on! All in all, we had a great experience at the conference and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to both present and host a workshop. We made great connections with attendees and look forward to continuing our new collaborations.

One last thing to mention is that we were really happy to stick around a few weeks after the conference finished. Impressive amounts of community building occurred after the wildness from the conference concluded.

The crypto hippie house, for instance, hosted numerous workshops and gatherings on topics such as polyamory vs. monogamy, vegan vs paleo diets, etc.

We also had a chance to experience a ceremony via AnarchAwakening, put on by Macey Tomlin, which was a very healing experience located at the beautiful Bambuddha Holistic Center.

Photo Credit: Retreat Center Directory

Of all the connections made, one stands out beyond belief. We met an AMAZING human being name Bruce Baumann, who operates We Are Change Colorado.

We were SO inspired by this man and his ability to bring people together. He is a true inspiration and has made a lasting impression on our organizations leaders.

Funny enough, he is the person who came up with the name Anarchapulco! He is a truly gifted, outgoing, creative, and inspiring soul. On very short notice, he managed to bring together just under 100 people for a day long workshop in the surfer town, Bonfil.

Our permaculturist buddy, Emily, was one of many presenters at this workshop. She outlined the exciting details regarding her brand new project Frontline Farming based in Denver, Colorado. We are very eager to follow their work and keep up with their accomplishments!

We had an opportunity to present about the Sustainable and Autonomous Communities Initiative and hype people up about the Center for Natural Living! It was an awesome gathering which demonstrates the magical moments that happened post Anarchapulco.

We are grateful that you took the time to read about our experiences in Acapulco, Mexico this February! Keep an eye out for more content and blog posts published on our website relating to similar topics and be sure to subscribe to our email list.

Toward a voluntary and natural world!


Rebecca Powers

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