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Cherán Summit: Community Unchained Workshop

The Center for Natural Living at Anarchapulco 2019

The Center for Natural Living's long-term goal is clear – a sustainable world full of autonomous communities living in peaceful co-existence. Of the many values a community of people can adhere to, CNL believe's sustainability and autonomy to be of the utmost importance. Cherán is a beacon of hope in this regard.

In 2011, Cherán demonstrated an immense amount of courage when they overthrew the municipal government and police force that was protecting cartel groups illegally logging their sacred forest. They now utilize a consensus based form of community organization and have led impressive reforestation efforts. Anarchapulco attendees are invited to this workshop to learn from Cherán and expand the collaborative discussion.

Anarchapulco attendees and Cherán residents will gather to share strategies in the areas of cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and social organization to further the proliferation of politically autonomous communities.

A possible outcome of this gathering is the creation of mutually beneficial alliances between Anarchapulco attendees and Cherán community leaders. Areas of interest to enhance community needs include: infrastructure, cryptocurrency adoption, scaling entrepreneurial endeavors, etc. The strategies used in Cherán will be discussed in depth so that attendees may learn from and replicate these tactics in other communities across the globe.

Anarchapulco attendees are invited to join this workshop on Sunday, February 17th at 7pm located in Princessa 4.

Community members destroyed the loggers vehicles in protest and now display them in the forest as a reminder of the 2011 uprising.

8 years worth of reforestation efforts are in full swing in an effort to regenerate the forests that were destroyed by cartel backed loggers.

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